Prefab Homes in Summit

When you think of Andar Builders LLC, think of pre-fabulous homes. Long gone are the days of the ramshackle trailer defining this industry—when it comes to building prefab, the sky’s the limit.

Pre-fabricated homes, encompass manufactured and modular homes: two affordable options for the new homeowner that is sick of renting and wants to take charge of their life. By choosing prefab, you take yourself out of the overpriced and cut-throat Summit housing market and free up your mind to imagine what kind of prefab home you’re going to build.

Affordable Homeownership

Owning your own home should be freeing. Going into debt due to homeownership is not very freeing. When you purchase a home, old or new, unexpected expenses and pricey mortgages are par for the course. When you choose prefab, this is far less of a risk.


The manufactured home (most often pictured as the trailer or mobile home) is your most affordable housing option next to renting. With an average cost of $30,000-$70,000, budgeting for a manufactured home is more like budgeting for a car purchase. With multiple sizing options and the ability to customize the floor plan, manufactured homes are a great starter, or long-term housing choice!


At $30-$50 per square foot, modular homes can be as pricey or affordable as fits in your budget. With customization options that are similar to a site-built house, they are the clear choice for getting the best of all worlds. Affordable, built quickly and customizable to check off all the boxes on your lists.

Up-To-Code Quality

We’ve all seen the movies with hurricanes and tornados, and what’s first to be seen destroyed? Manufactured homes. This leaves many of our Summit clients asking us how our homes stand up in moderate to extreme weather conditions—the answer is great!

Both manufactured and modular homes are built up to the same standards and following the same building codes as site-built homes. Since 1976, all prefab homes have been built to federal standards of quality and at Andar Builders LLC our homes are no different.

You can expect your prefab home to be standing as long as you are!

Prefab as an Investment

As an investment, prefab homes are not what one would consider the best. Manufactured homes will only raise their resale value over the years if they are on a plot of land to be sold with it. Modular homes however, have more of a chance to increase in value much like a classic site-built home.

A manufactured home is not considered real property but rather personal, because of its ability to be moved from site to site. But since a modular home once placed on land is just as difficult to transport as a normal home with a full foundation and basement, they are real property—property that can increase in value over the years.

Are you Ready for Independence?

Whether you choose manufactured or modular, you’re taking a step in the right direction towards being a homeowner.

Don’t hold off any longer, call Andar Builders LLC and get an appointment at our Summit offices to start discussing your future home!