Home Builder Services in Summit

Welcome to Andar Builders LLC. If you’re here, you are probably considering having your own home built! This is an exciting and big decision which we are prepared to help you carry out to perfection. Our team has years of experience and conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism. We love what we do and know that you will as well.

New vs. Old

If you’ve already been doing your research on the process of new home construction, your head is probably spinning. You may be wondering—why not just buy a home that is already built and on the market? There certainly are benefits to this choice. A pre-existing property will have mature landscaping, it may be in a more established neighborhood, perhaps more affordable, and if speed is what you’re looking for, you can arrange a move-in date 30 days from purchase.

At Andar Builders LLC we don’t hide these options from you—we are as transparent as possible! Summit, like anywhere else, has some beautiful housing options on the market. However, when you build your very own home you will have unique family bonding experiences and results you can be proud of. Benefits of a new home include:

  • Custom everything. You’ll never have to worry about getting your almost-dream-house that has everything except for “that one thing” you will have to live without. Any detail or convenience you can imagine can be added to your new home.
  • Three words: Heating, ventilation and cooling. Unless an older house has been up-dated to current standards (a pricey feat) you will not experience the best heating and cooling or insulation. In a new house, this is guaranteed.
  • Health benefits? Older homes can also be carriers of toxic materials. Asbestos, lead paint and mold are among the hidden dangers you will find in an older home. Also, those aforementioned current standards for heating, ventilation and cooling? There will be many other parts of an older home that are not up to standard, which could result in safety concerns or, at the very least, hefty bills to fix them when it be-comes necessary.

While the price may be more, and the convenience may be a little less, what you get in the end is a quality product 100% suited to your individual needs. Who could say no to that?

The Bottom Line

In the end, the choice to build or buy is yours. But should you make the ambitious and rewarding decision to build, we at Andar Builders LLC are the team for you. Whether you’re looking for something small or stately, with clean lines or throwback detailing, we have you covered.

Every member of our team—from designers to builders to contractors and subcontractors—all have your best interests in mind and love to work together to see your project come to fruition. Nothing makes us smile more than seeing you walk over that threshold on move-in day and explore the home that started off as ideas and wish lists on a blueprint.